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This palm tree can also withstand large temperature fluctuations.

Phoenix dactylifera is very easy to grow and maintain.

This palm can be grown in states like Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oregon and Texas.

Buy Large True Date Palm – 25 ft » Buy Medium True Date Palm – 8 ft » Buy Small True Date Palm – 3 ft » Scientific name: Family: Arecaceae Origin: It is native to North Africa and India.

This guarantees that both the tree and the fruit produced will be identical to the parent.

It takes between 6 to 8 years before the pups will be big enough to transplant, and then another six or seven years before they will begin to produce.

This special border disker scoops up the sand and forms a border around the date trees.

So the very first thing we do is to remove the thorns to make it possible to work in the date trees.Male flowers are white and female flowers are cream and yellow.Only female plants produce dates and only if a male tree is nearby.Leaflets are modified near the base into sharp 3-4 in thorns.It requires some maintenance since old frond bases persist on the trunk if not removed.

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